New Lincoln PTO Board Members..

We are your board members!  

  • Co-President: Jennifer Frey & Sarah Severson
  • Vice-Presidents, Nominations & Volunteers: Jessica Roberts & Jackie Castaneda
  • Vice-Presidents, Community Engagement: Delilah Jenkins & Rob Hart
  • Vice-President, Communications: Alicia Kubista & Brian Kinyon
  • Vice-President, Fundraising: Brian Goodman & Co-VP
  • Vice-President, Student Enrichment: Tara Humphrey & Chris Moore
  • Vice-President, Diversity & Equity: Andrea Kovach & Michelle Perkins
  • Treasurer: Luke Alberts & Laura Sakiyama
  • Secretaries: Meghann Moses & Tammy Himes
.. And Looking For A Few More

We have a few important roles left to fill for the 2021-22 school year. Please //TAPHERE// to find out more about these positions. If you are interested or have questions, please reach out to Jackie Castaneda or Jessica Roberts.