World Language Program Overview


The Lincoln World Language Program introduces students to the basics of Chinese, German, French, and Spanish. Classes help students develop skills for elementary comprehension, create a positive attitude towards language learning, and provide an introduction to a foreign culture. The program is an extra-curricular enrichment program sponsored by the Lincoln PTO and administered by parent volunteers.  Classes are taught weekly during lunchtime recess or lunch by experienced language teachers and funded solely by tuition paid by families of participating children. Language skills grow over years of instruction with a goal of developing comfort and familiarity with the target language in a relaxed, enjoyable learning environment.


World Language Program Objectives

  • To increase global awareness and foster an appreciation for other people and cultures.
  • To teach introductory Chinese, French, German, and Spanish.
  • To acquire a minimum vocabulary, using correct pronunciation, with emphasis on listening and speaking.
  • To learn grammatical patterns, phrases, and courtesy requirements.

Topics may include the following at all levels of instruction of any given group: alphabet, greetings, colors, months, days of the week, seasons, celebrations, ages, shapes, family, clothing, body parts, feelings, animals, furniture, daily activities, vacation and travel, activities within the community, dates and times.


Activities may include playing games, learning songs, play-acting, asking and answering questions, following commands, listening to stories, worksheets, videos, coloring, craft projects, as well as eating authentic foods from the target culture, usually relating to a celebration.  For additional information, please see our flyer.


Class Schedules are as follows:


Grade Language Type Days Times Cost
K & 1st Spanish Conversation M & W Recess


K & 1st German Conversation W & F Recess  $200
 2nd & 3rd


Conversation W & F Lunch $200
2nd & 3rd French Conversation F Lunch & Recess $200
2nd & 3rd German Conversation W & F Recess $200
2nd & 3rd German Video & Conversation W & F Lunch & Recess  
2nd & 3rd Spanish Conversation T & F Lunch $200
4th & 5th Chinese Conversation W & F Recess $200
4th & 5th French  Conversation W Lunch & Recess $200
4th & 5th German  Conversation W & F Recess $200
4th & 5th Spanish  Conversation M & F Recess $200


To register your child for the World Language Program please click here.